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New book out October 1st.

The Auto Biography

Remember the first car you ever owned, the sense of freedom you got  just tossing the keys in your hand? And remember that company car, the  Mondeo, the one you totaled first day on the job?  Then there was the  Volvo estate, with the Baby on Board sticker in the back window. And  what about the sports car when the mid-life crisis hit?

Everyone can recall the cars in their life.  They act like reference points and they all tell a story. This new book is the story of  the cars I remember the best: my dadís Ford Pop with the windscreen wipers that only worked going downhill; the van I drove that became the hitch-hikersí express; the VW camper that I lost to my 9 year old son in a poker game. These and many others. Itís my life as a car. My Auto Biography. Out on October 1st. AA Publishing


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The Auto Biography. Published October 1st.


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